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We are a N-Scale Free-moN-based modular Model Railroad group that models the Inland Empire of Southern California. The group’s N-Scale modules specialize in 1950’s to present day portions of Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. The group officially became Free-moN over breakfast at the Plum Tree Restaurant in Montclair on July 18, 2005. We agreed the group name would be N-Land Pacific and the railroad name would be Inland Pacific. The Free-moN standards for such things as code 55 rail, low profile wheels, and Micro-Trains type couplers were all agreed on at this time, along with the previous discussed era and location. In the following years, we have taken the N-Scale Free-moN standards and added a NLP standard for our group, such as a standard for two-track mains and drilled endplates.

Our first exposure to the public happened on October 7, 2006, when we set up our five modules at the Western Prototype Modelers meet in La Habra, California. The group was well received by the public that day, and although it was a lot of hard work, setting up, getting the trains running, then tearing down at the end of the day, this just inspired us to build more and better modules for shows in the future. For many, we were their first introduction to the Free-moN standards.
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